The State of Minnesota is encouraging the growth of economically significant and environmentally responsible resource industries in the State. The Minnesota Minerals Coordinating Committee therefore is promoting awareness of the potential for natural gas production from the Midcontinent Rift in Minnesota. Recent world-class natural gas discoveries in Siberia have demonstrated the potential in a similar setting.

Presented at Midcontinent Rift States AAPG
April 2006, Houston, Texas






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Highlights: Precambrian Midcontinent Rift Play (Palacas, 1995)

Geology: Volcanic horsts flanked by sedimentary basins up to 30,000 feet thick, sedimentary basins up to 6,500 feet thick atop the horsts

Reservoirs: Sandstones, conglomerates, fractured shales; porosities up to 18%; probable shale and fault gouge seals

Source rocks: Nonesuch Formation shale, up to 700 feet thick, up to 3% total organic carbon (TOC), type II & I kerogens, mature to overmature, known oil seeps in Michigan

Traps: Fault related structures, large anticlinal features, drag folds, stratigraphic traps likely

Exploration status: Five wells drilled from Kansas to Michigan; seismic refraction data available for parts of the rift; increasing awareness of source rock potential and oil seeps, improved knowledge of large reserves in other rifts and Precambrian terranes

Resource potential: A high-risk play with few wells drilled and mature to overmature source rocks; source rocks may have favorable thermal maturity along basin flanks

Sponsored by: Minnesota Minerals Coordinating Committee


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Natural Resources Research Institute
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Minnesota Geological Survey
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Location of Minnesota and the MidContinent Rift

General Map of Minnesota

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